Swedish Language Learning Program

Delhi School of Foreign Languages Preparing Swedish training  set up !!!

You practice long vowels in mono-syllabic words, and learn consonant sounds en route. When dominating long vowels, we proceed onward to mono-syllabic words with long consonants, and you practice to articulate the comparable vowel sounds.

We proceed with words with at least two syllables, and figure out how to perceive the musicality of each word, what syllable to stress, and whether to stretch the vowel or consonant inside that syllable.

We develop conjoined words, keeping rehearsing pressure.

Presently you are prepared for short sentences, where you figure out how to perceive what words inside each sentence should be pushed, and which ones shouldn’t. Subsequent stage is longer sentences.

For the aggressive student, we add the component of tone and furthermore center around how to give your discourse mirror your sentiments, feelings and expectations.

# Swedish Beginner Level Course A1 
# Duration :- 3 Months
# Fee :- 18000

# Swedish Basic Level Course A2
# Duration :- 3 Months
# Fee :- 20000