Corporate Training

Our language courses for business provides companies and growing organizations the training to learn essential industry vocabulary or corporate fluency in your language of choice; enabling you to connect and expand in an entirely new market. We can even offer elocution and pronunciation training to tackle tricky dialects or reduce overly prominent accents.

DSFL has extensive experience in the provision of in-company language courses. Client companies can have their staff trained in small groups to raise the level of their language ability to a target standard. Language training courses can be arranged for any number of staff and tailored to the strategic requirements of the client company. Corporate group training programs can be held on a company’s premises (in-company language courses) or at DSFL.

In-company language training can support a company’s training strategy in various ways. For example, it can develop the Business Language skills of a group of people working together on a particular project, or all the staff in a department where linguistic competence is required in a variety of Business Languages.

Whatever your objectives, our language or cultural training will help you achieve them.

  • Expanding into new markets.
  • We can help you overcome any language and cultural barriers.
  • Developing and retaining your workforce.
  • Help your employees to communicate with their colleagues or improve their promotional prospects by providing language training.
  • Improving client relations.
  • Our language training can help you improve the way you communicate with your clients. Increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • Our language training can help your staff communicate more effectively and therefore reduce errors and misunderstandings.

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