SPANISH Language

Spanish is spoken by 500 million people (the most spoken language in the world after Mandarin Chinese) and it’s growing more rapidly than many other languages. By 2050 Spanish will reach 600 million speakers. Spanish is the second-most studied language in the world. In 2015, the number of people studying Spanish as a second language was more than 21 million. Within three generations, 10% of the population will be able to communicate in Spanish.

Spanish is the second most widely used language for international communication, and the 3rd most used language on the Internet. 7.9% of Internet users communicate in Spanish, but Spanish is the second most used language on the two main social networks in the world: Facebook and Twitter. Also, Spanish is the second most important language of Wikipedia by number of visitors.

Spanish is a phonetic language, which means that words are written as they are pronounced. Spanish pronunciation contains only ten vowel and diphthong sounds whereas English has twenty.