German Learning Course

Globally, German is the 11th most-spoken language, with about 90 million native speakers. In Europe, however, it’s the #1 most common mother tongue, beating out Italian, French, Spanish, and even English. About 16% of the European population speaks German as a first language.

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French Learning Course

There are around 220 million French speakers worldwide, including 80 million native speakers. French is an official language in 29 countries, such as France, Belgium, Canada, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Congo, Mali, Senegal, and it is spoken on every continent. It is the European Union’s fourth most widely spoken mother tongue. The number of French speakers is expected to reach 700 million by 2050, mostly in Africa.

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Spanish Learning Course

Spanish is spoken by 500 million people (the most spoken language in the world after Mandarin Chinese) and it’s growing more rapidly than many other languages. By 2050 Spanish will reach 600 million speakers. Spanish is the second-most studied language in the world. In 2015, the number of people studying Spanish as a second language was more than 21 million. Within three generations, 10% of the population will be able to communicate in Spanish.

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Chinese Learning Course

Chinese is one of the two world languages with over a billion speakers. It is the most used mother tongue on the planet with over 900 million native speakers and more learning it as their second (or more) language. Chinese is also one of the 6 official UN languages – the others being English, Arabic, French, Russian and Spanish. Contrary to popular belief that there are only four tones in Mandarin Chinese, there is also a fifth ‘neutral tone’. Chinese writing has over 50,000 characters. That said, only about 20,000 of them are used today..

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Japanese Learning Course

Japanese is the 9th most-spoken language worldwide, but it’s the third-largest language on the Internet, behind English and Spanish. Even though Japanese speakers represent less than 2% of the world population, they make up almost 10% of Internet users. Japanese is one of the fastest spoken languages. According to a recent study, the speed (in syllables per second) of various languages was compared by having the native speakers of each language talk to each other. And Japanese left all other languages behind by scoring 7.84 syllables per second..

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Russian Learning Course

With over 170 million native speakers, Russian is the eighth most-spoken language in the world. However, due to Russia’s enormous size, native Russian speakers cover the greatest geographical reach out of all the languages in Eurasia. It even beats out China, which has over seven times as many speakers. Along with English, Russian is the language of space. Astronauts have to learn Russian as part of their training and the computer system of the ISS uses both English and Russian.

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IELTS Learning Course

IELTS is one, if not the most, important test done in order to test the skills a student has in English language. It’s actually required by many institutions and companies over the U.S to start working or taking classes with them. Most foreign people looking forward to have a job in the U.S or studying over there are currently studying English in order to pass this test because it’s required in most places. There are 2 kind of exams you can choose from, with the same listening and speaking modules, but different reading and writing modules:

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Group courses

We also offers group evening language courses. With several languages, if providing an in-company group course is not possible, you can offer your employees the option of attending one of our public group evening language courses. For all Corporate clients that are interested in suggesting these courses to their employees we offer an exclusive discount on all bookings

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