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April 13, 2019
Indirapuram Branch Ghaziabad
June 17, 2019

Delhi school of Foreign Languages  ‘French article’

French is an official Language in 29 countries across multiple different continents,

French is estimated to have about 76 million native speakers and about 235 million daily, fluent speakers and another 77 to 110 million secondary speakers who speak it as a second Language to varying degrees of proficiency, mainly in Africa. According to the Organization Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), approximately 300 million people worldwide are “able to speak the language”, without specifying the criteria for this estimation or whom it encompasses. According to a demographic projection led by the Universite Laval and the Reseau Demographie de l’Agence universitaire de la Francophonie, the total number of French speakers will reach approximately 500 million in 2025 and 650 million by 2050. OIF estimates 700 million by 2050, 80% of whom will be in Africa.

French has a long history as an international language of literature and scientific standards and is a primary or second language of many international organizations including the United Nations, the European Union, the  North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the World Trade Organization, the  International Olympic Committee, and the International Committee of the Red Cross. In 2011, Bloomberg Business week ranked French the third most useful language for business, after  English and Standard Mandarin Chinese.